I've been under the weather and rather tired the last few days. Finals have passed and I can finally get some sleep. However, now that I have more time on my hands it seems life has become more complicated. I was trading /msgs with Templeton yesterday and I asked her a question that I still haven't answered. I asked if she thought that someone could be devoid of a soul. Being the kind and attentive person that she is Temp talked with me about it, and whether she knows it or not, gave me some good insight.

It is kind of a strange question now that I think about it but it is in reference to this girl that I am going to start dating. I don't know her that well but she seems 'empty'. That is the only way I know to describe it. I hate to be judgemental but I couldn't help but form an instant opinion of this girl. She is one of the people you see during the day that, assuming they have a soul, you know it is hidden beneath the Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie and probably hasn't seen the light of day since they were a small child. That is one of the reasons I like children. They have no concept of brands, coolness, or even politics. They are just amazed to be alive and constantly learning. Anyway, I hate to judge so I am going to give it a chance. Hopefully it will go well and she will turn out to be a wonderfully complicated and interesting person.