'Kay, I want all the Canadians here to sing along:

Drugs, drugs, drugs
Which are good? Which are bad?
Drugs, drugs, drugs
Ask your mom or ask your dad!

You can have a little water
Take a doctor's pill
Drugs can make you better
When you're feeling ill


There's lots of other drugs
That sure have a flaw
Watch it now man
It's trouble with the law


I think there's another verse to it, but I can't remember..
The commercial is basically this song sung by a group of people, mostly kids, with two people to represent 'mom' and 'dad' in the chorus, and a couple of cops. The chorus is sung by everyone, while IIRC the verses are sung by the male cop.

Anyone know the missing verse?
Update 2000/11/12: I just remembered the second verse, and thanks to wh00t for /msging me and helping me get the second last line right, since I couldn't quite remember it.