During the last summer (August 2002), Prague fell victim to the floods which occured all over Eastern Europe. I was there at the time, on holiday with two friends. We were only staying 3 days, and arrived on a Monday. That evening, the river level started to rise. We were actually on Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge in the city, taking photos of the rising water, when the police came to close the bridge, and move everybody off it.

We were staying with some friends who lived in Prague, who had a house north of the river. After being moved off Charles Bridge, we were pretty much stranded on this side. Most of the tourist attractions in the City are South of the river, which was a little unfortunate for us. The zoo was closed (several animals drowned there, unforuately), so the only place we could go was the castle. The castle in Prague is fantastic. It is at the very top of a huge hill, so the views from up there are absolutely stunning. The castle itself wasn't huge, but had an amazing Cathedral built into it, as well as a large plot of gardens. All three of us were and are keen photographers, so it was fortunate that the grounds were so beautiful.

Other than visiting the castle, there was very little left to do. The shops were mainly closed, as were the restaurants, as deliveries could not cross the river to get to them. The electricity was turned off on Tuesday, for safety reasons, so we were left trying to see our way round the house by candle light, with very little to eat.

We did manage to find an open supermarket, after a long tram ride and a reasonable walk. The trams in Prague are one of the main tourist attractions. They run almost perfectly on time (which is amazing to someone accustomed to British public transport), and can take you anywhere in the city.

Our journey home was on Thursday, although not from the bus station we expected, which was underwater at the time. We set off on time, and arrived home slightly early. Although it was an interesting experience, it certainly wasn't the one we were expecting! We plan to repeat our visit, this time without the excess of water, to enable us to actually see all the sights to be seen.