The Pringles Chips*- A neo-fascist representation?

Have you ever wondered of the social implications junk food has on our world? You may laugh at the concept, but these tasty treats influence our political views as much as our tastebuds. The focus of today: The round-faced smiling Pringles man.
The visage has been on the front of of pringles chips for years. Does it represent a jocular figure merely cheered by the sight of potato chips? Or does this icon represent a darker view? By manipulating the image and changing the nature of Mr. Pringles' face, we can see that, if the mustache is trimmed a bit, an uncanny resemblance to an early fascist 20th century dictator is revealed.
To a reasonable mind, this fact is definitely a quaint coincidence. Many cartoon figures can be altered to look like public figures (Batman - Janet Reno, Rurouni Kenshin - Yngwie Malmsteen, etc). Yet there is more compelling information about the pringles chips.
Most of the chips inside the round container are exactly the same; coinciding with Hitler's view of the ideal human. In direct contrast, the ones that do not represent the ideal image are crushed and at the bottom of the can. The basic structure of the can is designed to keep the chips looking alike, while ensuring that any different ones are sent straight down.
Are the makers of pringles chips attempting to influence our minds with Naziist information, or is this just a complete waste of the writers' time (no comments needed here)? Decide for yourself.

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