Damn the morons, Recording fun, and more contractual thrills

Hrmpf. I can really hate the internet sometimes. I recently decided to build a new computer for college, so, yesterday, I began the process of ordering my parts online. Specs go as such:
  • ECS D6VAA Mobo w/ RAID
  • 2x Pentium 3 1000EB Processors
  • 512 meg pc133 RAM
  • 2x Thermaltake fans
    This, of course, sounds fine. However, when I decided to double check my orders again (something I should have done before I ordered them, I'll admit), I had the pleasant surprise of discovering a discrepancy in the listing for the processor I ordered. To my surprise, I saw a big "100mhz FSB" smiling back at me. Knowing a little bit of hardware, this led me to believe that the people running this store either cannot type or have deliberately tried to fool the end user into purchasing an inferior product. (In pentium terminology, the "e" means it was produced with the coppermine process, and the "b" basically means it has a 133mhz front side bus). So, I started writing some emails about it, and eventually found out that it was a typo. A very expensive typo, that is, because when I hit Send/Receive to send them a notice to cancel my order, I also received a note saying, "Your product has been shipped! Congratulations! Huzzah!" In other words, it looks like I've been screwed.

    The band had a decent to good recording session yesterday, and now my job as the band leader is to do all the fun mixing work! Anyhow, here is the track listing:
    Lightning Crashes
    by Live

    The Beauty of Imperfection
    by Soujirou

    by Soujirou

    Basket Case
    by Green Day

    The Dolphin's Cry
    by Live

    Maynard's Dick
    by Tool

    by Soujirou

    And that was that. Noded Today:
  • The Grudge
  • Amethyst
  • Paradoxorum