Plug-Ins, recording the blues, and Windows 2000 on IEEE1394

This morning, during Research Project (a class in which lambda68 and I use our 3d design skills to create 7 minutes of crappy animation, but loaded with fun), our technology teacher presented us with a list of plugins available from digimation on "sale." Technology education being the poor bastard it is at our school (not really, but the grass is always greener, or any other applicable aphorism), lambda68 and I were contracted to pick 3 of the offered "low price" items. We ended up with the following:
  • Stitch - Does pretty much all of the clothes-creation-work for us. hoo-ray! Now we need a comparable plug-in for our lives that will work the opposite on women. Let us name "IT" "Ginger."
  • Foley Studio MAX - Object-based sound events. We need it for footsteps, and so on.
  • Phoenix v.1.5 - Some damn cool pyrotechnic effects. It apparently, "blows 3d studio max's combustion effect out of the water!" (paraphrased, of course).

    Went to prison, went home, went back to prison, filled the gar with gasoline, went home, recorded blues in A7 using my phenomenal techniques (pretty badass, if you so will), sat down at terminal, E2. peace. finally.

    An exciting advance in my computer's number of Operating Systems has yielded yet more pleasure for me. Windows 2000 (which I needed to successfully operate my Firewire card, wouldn't work under NT4) is quite phenomenal, despite how much everyone hates MS. They've done a decent job with this one, I tell ya.