Fun, fun, more fun, and E2

It's torturing him.

I found it amusing to watch my friend (lambda68) struggle against himself today in drama practice. Yes, I'll admit, she is hot. But is it so wrong for me to take some perverse pleasure out of seeing the contradictory logical arguments form in his brain (especially whilst I am very very much content with my girlfriend, thus enabling me to look down upon him)? The answer is, of course, "no."

Went to prison, went to a 'jock w/ big cock so clap for me' pep rally, went to drama, went home, travelled to basement.. E2.. peace. finally.

I'm not a hedonist! I recently had an argument with someone over the morality of smoking pot, something I've been debating for a while now. I gave him my arguments, and he retorts that my views are only to serve myself. Merely because it is a harmless activity (hurts neither myself nor anyone else I can imagine), doesn't automatically make me a hedonist for wanting to do it! If that were true, wouldn't people be hedonists for wanting a cookie before sex, or perhaps a kiss before throwing themselves off of a 200 foot rock cliff? It would. Therefore, I am not a hedonist!. But.. can I still do it? blah.