Something to note the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself appears before Jesus, he just calls extra attention to it. The first mention mention of loving your neighbor as yourself appears in the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 19:17), part of the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible. Also the Hebrew Bible includes a lot more than just Ten Commandments. The Rabbis give the count at 613. These commandments are designed to set up a whole system of laws to live closer to God, and all 613 are important, not just the "10 commandments".

Also even if one did edit the 10 commandments, that would only effect the religions that include Moses and the 10 commandments as part of their tradition, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and then only to the degree that the 10 commandments are really considered that central to sacred law. There would still be plenty of chances for religiously inspired evil left. Almost all religions include some message of care for your fellow humanity, the question is whether it gets put into practice.