In his lifetime Rousseau made three attempts at an auto-biography: The Confessions finished in 1770, the Dialogues (Rosseau, the Judge of Jean-Jacques) finished in 1776, and The Reveries of the Solitary Walker. Despite all his auto-biographies there are a lot of gaps of knowledge about his life, including some debate about whether he really gave away his children.

The Confessions talk about his path on his way to exile, and also include some kinky sex references. The Reveries are full of his paranoid and bitter accusations towards society which he excuses of exiling him. To take just one quote of many as example:

The accumulation of so many chance circumstances, the elevation of all my cruellest enemies, as if chosen by fortune, the way in which all those who govern the nation or control public opinion, all those who occupy places of credit and authority seem to have been hand-picked from among those who harbour some secret animosity towards me to take part in the universal conspiracy, all this is too extrodinary to be a mere coincidence.