It started out with me trying to get a date for some sort of dance or party thing and a part of my brain is thinking "oh no this is going to be one of those horrid flashback to High School dreams." Except the person actually says yes and when we get there its not a dance at all.

We are in a house with tons and tons of knickknacks and one of them is supposedly an enchanted princess. In order to un-enchant her we have to touch whatever statue she's been turned into 25 times, but we only have a limited amount of time to figure out which one she is. For any of you who've read the book Ozma of Oz, the third or fourth book in the Oz series by Frank Baum, think the Gnome King and his statue collection including the ones that used to be the Royal Family of Ev.

So I go around touching things 25 times not finding the right one, as do the 20 some odd other people who are also at this party. I'm impressed by the variety of knickknacks and other things in the house. Finally I come across a grasshopper, (further reference to the Oz books as the Scarecrow was turned into a grasshopper statue in that book). As I touch it it starts to move, I touch it some more it moves more, until its jumping around but still no princess. So my dream-self decides that maybe everyone has to touch it 25 times so we all form a big circle and try and pass it around (which as the touching makes it more lively and it keeps trying to escape gets more difficult), but still no princess. Then I realize that it was just a trick to make us waste time, this is not the real princess just a simple decoy, so back to the search.

In the end we never found the princess. The lady who owned the house and who was presumably the one who cast the spell in the first place came out to call time, and we all engaged in various group building games like the ones you play at summer camp. (Which was rather odd since in theory we were all supposed to be a party of friends and so shouldn't have need basic get-to-know you games. Then I woke up.