Rooted in the North English working-class and with that typical Mancunian intensity and arrogance, med-80's the Smiths grew into the best band the British Islands ever brought forth.

Stephen Morrissey's often controversial lyrics with titles like Heaven knows I'm miserable now, Meat is murder and Some girls are bigger than others, in combination with Johny Marr's brilliant guitar- and melodylines, resulted in a few classical, English popsongs.

Raving about icons from a gray past (Oscar Wilde, James Dean) and coquetting with his a-sexuality, especially Morrissey drew the attention. After the break-up with The Smiths he wrote some other good songs, but the magic of the Morrissey/Marr-tandem was missing.

Essential records:

Hatful of Hollow (Rough trade '84)
The queen is dead (Rough trade '86)