The happy blonde smiles at me with perfect teeth.

A stunning brunette joins her and together they babble about the advantages of a healthy skin.

Cause we're worth it, they giggle.

While I take a sip of my Heineken, sensual music fills the living room. In front of my eyes, a perfect couple whispers they own each other. The girl as thin as a french fry, holds a guy who has got that striking "I could be the boy next door"-look.
The scene ends with the view of a small bottle of perfume. I know I would never be able to afford the perfume, let alone I'd ever look as beautiful as one of the perfume-people.

The music becomes louder, a quick rhytm defines the atmosphere. A woman is dancing some kind of exotic dance, her long hair dances in the moonlight. A guy with the looks of God Himself joins the dance and rips half of the woman's dress off. A close-up of her perfect body is followed by the logo of some liquor brand.

I grab to the remote control, miss it, grab again. I switch channels.

Five perfect teenagers are having a great time while drinking coca cola.


A goddess in a tight pair of Levi's jeans.


A former supermodel invites people to donate money to her foundation to help homeless children in Poland. Her huge eyes get filled with tears when she takes one of the children in her arms to show how much they need her love.

I turn off the TV.

Walk over to my refrigerator.

Get myself another beer.

Reach to my computer.