Well, the day of reckoning is upon me. While I'm at it, I might as well litter the rest of this WU w/ cliches. After four easy, short months of internship at Meijer, I am now a free man. Yes, no more toil of having to get up at the dreadfully early hour of 7:30, or having to work no weekends or holidays, no more $10.50/hr for writing on E2. Oh, its good to be free. (dripping with sarcasm)

I think I'm so happy to have things change that all i'd need to be happier was to get my wisdom teeth put back in, then promptly re-pulled. That would just make my day. Its been a week since I've had the operation, and since I'm a dumbass, I won't go easy on eating. In fact I think I re-opened my lower right wound a bit today. Wisdom teeth extraction does so much to improve your mood, I wish I could still take the codine they gave me.

My mother really confuses me. I love the lady to death, and its been a wonderful summer living with her, but I really don't understand her. I can barely understand how I'm related to her. She works for an advertising company, and she tries to solicit companies into letting her company put their logo on millions of items, so the company can use them for promotion. Her boyfriend, Steve, works for CenturyTel, a cellular phone company. Steve could sell a space heater to a man living on the Sun, and got invited to a charity golf tournament pro-am. Because of Steve's involvment, Governor Engler invited him and my mother to his residence, along with about 200 other people, for a little dinner/get together.
She declined, in favor of doing laundry, stamping prices on items for a garage sale, and watching Law and Order. After much prying, she tells me she doesn't want to go because "Steve would leave me in the corner alone anyway".

Regardless, she could, and should just go talk to people, say "Screw him", and have a wonderful time of her own, because she is an independent and capable woman. This could have been a big break for her career. Hell, even if it wouldn't help her career, it'd be fun. Hell, even if it weren't fun, you're in the Governor's mansion, how the often will that happen in your life? I just don't understand her, and am slightly mad at her for staying here tonight. I told her I would do the laundry, and the garage sale things, and pick up my sister from my Grandma's, but she refused. Grrr...

This will be the last day I spend in Comstock Park, Michigan. Tonight I'll probably sleep at my girlfriends house, just in time to drive two hours down to Albion, hand her over to thousands of eager men, and leave a basketcase. See: August 24, 2000. I've always hated the male gender for how simple minded they are in their selection of women, but now I hate it even more. My girlfriend has big breasts, a small waist, and a beautiful smile. She can't even go into a Meijer store without getting hit on by at least two guys. The more I think about how many guys she could have, the luckier I feel to have had her for so long, and the more scared I get that something bad will happen. I haven't gotten in a fight since freshman year of high school, but if I hear about any guy groping her at a party, his head is coming back to Ann Arbor mounted on my radio antenna. I suppose I would finally have a use for lifting every other day as a religion.

I don't understand how is it possible to trust someone so much, and love them so much, but be so scared that they'll forget about you? Its not every day that someone moves out of the house they were born into and moves two hours away, and as my ex-roommate Cliff O'Malley says, "Duuude, bitches, when they get in college man...freshmen and stuff, man... they're fucked UP."

Thanks, Cliff, have another beer. But seriously, most people know how much people change in their freshman year of college, and from talking to people, girls get hit harder than guys do. "You can change your mind, if you have one." - Quest for Glory 1, EGA version. Will she change so much that she's not interested in me anymore? I just pray to God not. For the reader's understand, yes, Pam is my first love, but so much more than that. In 10 months of knowing her, her and I have the connection that took 4-5 years of building with my best friend, we've got ESP, we've got each others timing, all the best parts of a cooperative relationship exist, and the communication never ceases to amaze me. If we fight, it lasts for maybe 3-4 hours, tops. My cat stays mad at me for longer than that.

Tonight I'm going to have to hug the frog that Pam gave me very close to try to get to sleep. Because tomorrow(Saturday), I have to set my love free, and trust that she'll return to me. I have to let go. I'd rather just hold her forever.