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It was the summer of 1995,
The Sun was Blazing,
And so was I.
I didn't think it was much anyhow,
I thought I wouldn't change,
But Look at me now.

Working in the Desert an hour before Dawn,
Running with a rifle,
Hunting Saddam.
I was the smart one,
I Had the World by the balls,
I never could have seen me holding a gun.

In fact I hated War,
Politics was my thing,
Filled with knowledge of History and Lore.
My path had been set,
To Chapel Hill I would go,
But It seemed fate had me caught in a net.

I didn't get into a fight,
Never Caused Much Trouble,
But it all came down to what I did at Night.
Worked the typical teen job,
Spent my money on the green,
Dated the typical middle-class snob.

5 years it took,
I thought I'd seen the light,
But I still hated to crack a textbook.
Amazingly Enough I still Got In,
But Instead I went to Kollege,
That's Where the real downfall begins.

But 3 months was enough,
I was too cool for school,
And The Real World Can't Realy be that Tough.
I started working full-time,
Sold Cars for a while,
Then I was sucked in to a world of grime.

The hours were long and hard,
At least 12 a day,
And I still slid by with no regard.
Finally I hit bottom,
It was the end of my road,
So I told Uncle Sam "You want him you got him"

That's how a genious goes from the Front to the Back. If you saw me on the streets you could never connect. Because you'd see a facade, a regular guy. But deep down inside is a killer in me. If you want the boring stats I'll rattle them off: My name is Alec and I'm 22. I grew up in Maryland there wasn't much to do. I'm about 5'10 and my eyes are blue, I used to be a blonde but now my hair's changed too. Jock, Computer Geek, gearhead, Marine, I've done it all not much left to see. If you didn't get the joke "Kollege" = Community College. If you want a less Shakesperean version you're free to inquire. Whether you warrant a response is up in the air.