Is it just me or does Sony appear to have a little more control of this world than the Greys(another topic I won’t get into here). I mean if you really look at it, Sony is more involved in our lives right now the our damn parents! If you open up your computer and look at most of the chips on the boards, who makes them... SONY. I’m willing to bet you everything I own, that most of the chips used in military equipment around the world is also... SONY. Satellites are no exception, without you seeing a thing there could be someone following your every step from... Sony. With all this said Sony could vary well be a mask for a world wide empire that we are all unwilling citizens(or slaves) of. There is also the possibility that they are monitoring and controlling the world economy and what our own governments know. Communication could be changed, because Sony has it’s hands shoved all the way up the assess of anything technological and could be controlling all of technology like a damn puppet. People say that the U.S.A. is the most powerful force (controlled by humans) in the whole world. But I say it’s Sony, I mean if the Big Chief at their main branch over in Japan really wanted to, they could take over the US military and use it to say... annex Canada(Heaven forbid cause’ I’m Canadian and damn proud of it!) or fire off a few nukes just because they thought it would be neeto. Being that they could possibly control all satellites they could change transmissions and coverup anything from anyone that they wanted. And because they are a company and not a country no other nations have thought of sending any spies to check out their doings. A company running the world, what a perfect way to do it! It’s all our own doing too, if people weren’t so damn into technology we wouldn’t have Sony. All in all I think that Sony has too much power and that by now they have gone to far to be stopped, well maybe not yet but soon. I’m beginning to think that I may have said to much already, for if this is true they could be monitoring everything we do. Well in closing I’d just like to say, the future is Sony because that’s the way we made it. In no way is this meant to be factual, and I actually rather enjoy many Sony products. This is just a possibility.