"Thanks for helping me move out, Mom."

"No problem," the mother replies while lugging her daughter's bags down the stairs.

"Is that too heavy, Mom?" she asks, looking at the big bag of dirty clothes that is being lugged by her mother. She looks unstable. She looks as if she could fall down the steps at any time.

"It's fine," she smiles and then throws the striped, cloth bag down the steps.

"Nice trick, Mom."

"I know. I learned it from you... the last time I saw you do laudry."

"Hehehe. I know, but this time I have my glass unicorn in there..." she replies with a worried look.

"What?!" her mother asks, grasping her chest with one hand and the brass railing with the other.

The daughter smiles sarcastically. "Silly Mommy, I don't have a glass unicorn."

A relieved, "Oh..."