Bizarre international phenomenon relating to The Three Stooges. Marked by a fanaticism for all things Stooge.
Stoogemania reached a climax in 1983 when "The Curly Shuffle" became one of the decade's biggest novelty hits. It was to be the only hit for Jump 'N The Saddle, a Chicago bar band whose lead singer, Peter Quinn, wrote the song. "The Curly Shuffle" was made famous by repeated airings by Dr. Demento, followed by becoming the unofficial theme for Stooge marathons and specials.

Also the name of a movie from 1985 starring Josh Mostel and Sid Caesar. Josh plays Howard F. Howard (a reference to the last names of Moe, Larry and Curly or Shemp), a man obsessed with the Stooges - so much so that his family consider having him committed. Also starred Saturday Night Live alumni Victoria Jackson and voice-artist Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theatre.