Released in 1984, starring Timothy Hutton, Lindsay Crouse, and John Lone as "Charlie" the iceman.
Scientists discover the body of a man frozen for over 40,000 years, and thaw it out, miraculously reviving the Neanderthal. They place him into an artificial habitat for observation, and bring in an anthropologist, Dr. Stanley Sheppard (aptly played by Timothy Hutton) to observe him. Who really observes whom? Dr. Sheppard finds himself face-to-face with history, and unable to decide who is the more civilized - the caveman, or the man who would cage him....
Ultimately, a morality play, the question is asked "Should we play God?" (Referring to "resurrecting" the dead, and bringing life to Charlie). The ultimate answer is one we must find in our own hearts, as Charlie does in his.

Not a bad movie, but probably a bit too cerebral for today's audiences. Any remake would probably miss the point entirely (vis-à-vis Encino Man).

Source: IMDB