Yesterday sucked, if for no other reason than I got called at home, on my day off, being told that I had to fire 10 people. Immediately. Fortunately, we had just terminated several due to failure to show up, but that still left us having to fire 5 perfectly good employees. Actually, not all that good. Mostly what we cut at this time of year is people who suck, but many of them have become my friends over the last couple of months, and that doesn't make it any easier to terminate them.

That done, I really accomplished nothing else - but I did have a bizarre dream. I had to fire people. Again. People I liked. I guess that was my subconscious telling me that it bothers me more than my conscious is willing to admit. Whatever. Freud I'm not.

That didn't stop me from walking in and firing someone today (they didn't get the message last night, and showed up for work anyway). On the one hand, I find it easier than most. I'm just doing what's good for my company. On the other hand, it's difficult to let people go when you know how much they need a job. But I do what I have to do.

The good news is that yesterday, I decided to buy a new car. My first car. A Toyota Prius. A "green" car - Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle. It's a hybrid - gas / electric - and gets pretty damn good mileage. Only bad thing - it takes 3 and a half months for delivery. *sighs* Oh well - good things are worth waiting for.