We had gone to a camping event at a public park. My girlfriend stayed behind with our car to help the people in the next car fold laundry into their trunk, while I went to look for our group. After I found out that we were at the wrong part of the park, I went back towards the car, only to see it drive off without me. My girlfriend was still standing behind the other car, oblivious. I screamed at her that our car was just stolen, and she started to panic. I asked her if she had the cellphone on her, she did, so she handed it to me. 911 answered relatively quickly, and suddenly I was in an unmarked patrol car. We went in the direction my car had gone, looking to see if it was just a joyrider. I was about to mention to the officer that my car had Lowjack installed, when my alarm went off.
No. Not my car alarm. It was time to get up.