(1990) Movie starring Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, and Julie Kavner. Based on a true story by Oliver Sacks, Awakenings is about a Dr. Sayer (Williams), who tries a new chemical treatment on a comatose encephalitis victim. When the treatment works, Sayer is suddenly faced with a teenager in a grown man's body, as his candidate (De Niro) was in his teens when he was afflicted. Pleased with the success, Sayer tries it on the other patients, and is amazed by the results.
The movie is beautifully done, treating the story with the right blend of humour and sensitivity. It has some funny parts, but it also has it's sad moments, too, so don't expect to get away dry-eyed. Williams puts in a masterful performance, and DeNiro is simply wonderful as the sometimes child-like Leonard. A must-see for anyone.