This is a column in the classified ad section of a local alternative weekly. And maybe in some of the stodgy ones, Elsewhere. People send in short ads which they hope will be read by a specific person they met, but did not speak to, on the bus or at a show or in a café. The ads are wistful little poems, Haiku Prufrocks:

    Saw you Fri. 4/7 Palace Hotel lobby. Me, 
    sports fan. You, wedding guest. Rematch?
    box 18273
    Renee--Gordon Biersch Friday. I got your 
    name, forgot your number! 
    Kicking myself! PLEASE Call! Dave box 
    #91Nite Owl, Cross town bus. I asked you 
    out, you told me where to get off. 
    Sorry. Coffee? --Chuck box 12213

With material like this around, it's a wonder writers ever get blocked, eh?