Look, it is all too complicated for me. Come back in about an hour when I have finished this. If this is all you see here, I did not get to the ultimate meaning of life and everything, which is what I'm experiencing this moment. Excuse me. Please come back when I have descended from the realm of the ethereal.

So, do you have that? Come back when this is worth reading, in just a moment I am about to get to the point that will scratch your most unreachable itch, but I am not there yet, so please go away and give me a moment to accomplish it.

Thank you. Nobody but you now, knows this: How much time is in a <p> tag but you and me, that moment there, as I went away, and you did your thing and then came back.

I just put in another <p> tag for you, because I was thinking about rivers, the same one never twice't, an' shit. You're there at this moment, reading this, and I'm telling you to pause, you who are hitting the refresh button as this tale continues at this hour, on this day, 10:49 ish PST March 9'th, and the rest of the time others who see this will say, "Yesterday" or even "Was'nt George Bush in office then? The one who was taken up in the Rapture, his heart being so pure, and leaving us in charge of the bastards we got now?"

Of course along with my deep love for you there is another reason I am using these <p>'s like railroad spikes to keep the sleepers down and pin this moment to this shadow.

I suffered a terrible loss a few days ago; I had again clearly expressed the secret of that moment's life in complex HTML and its cousin from the future, SYTML when something browserish and chilling happened, and it disappeared from the world of pixels and RAM. And my head was ringing so much from its departure, that I could not recapture it.


Long bit of living in there. Did you follow a trail through the NodeNapse™ there?

Fruan says Please explain why The Unlinkable One should not die...
Well, Fruan. There's the poet's crapout, "because it's mine, and I am inherently worthy, and anything of mine you don't like is nevertheless worth looking into until you do" but I won't even dignify that by mentioning it.
There's the appeal to oppressorguilt, "So you don't like it. And you have the power to remove it. The conjunction of these two facts alone is reason to pause and doubt your judgement", but I won't invoke that here.
The true answer is, the concept of The Unlinkable One came to me and I'm not quite sure how to flesh it out yet, but I needed to stake its little feet to the NodeNapse before it wandered off. I like the idea of a being which is frustrated because it wants to be unlinkable, but it is inevitably linked to. And I wished to play with the idea of an idea that is impossible because of its description, like "This phrase is not made of words" or "This entity cannot be linked to"
So: it should not die because it is at worst sophomoric, which has not traditionally been a nuking offense here at E2. At best, it is a linchpin in a system of nodes that I am modifying right now.
By the way, I notice that you mourn Dman in your home node. Hm?