Do Not Go Gentle Through That Traffic Light;
Rage, Rage Against The Driving Impolite!

I am on a mission to teach cell phone drivers and other idiots behind the wheel that:

It is not nice to kill people with your car, even if you do it without meaning to!

After my friend Amy taught me that it is a loving act to shout at deer, I began spreading the love to stupid drivers.
I ride my bike through Berkeley alla time, and one night this van backed out of a driveway and into my path. I shouted something nasty and loud, and the driver shouted something even nastier. I had dodged the car, but now I stopped my bike and started walking toward him. He berated me: he was going to stop, he had seen me, I did not need to be so rude.
Let me get this straight: I was the rude one? How absurd, to die politely under a 1970's VW van. I hope he still thinks about this: "Boy, be careful not to even come close to squashing those cyclists: they get all huffy!"
So I slap cars that near-miss me: it does no damage, and it makes a loud noise, it gratifies me immensely, and it hopefully creates a negative association for the driver: it's no fun to run over people. I have kicked a car once or twice, but only lightly and with a loving, educational intent.