The other day I was thinking about Jesus. I do not do this very often anymore. I had just noded about his mommy. She came home one day and told her friends and neighbors that an angel of the Lord had visited her. This angel told her some things about her reproductive tract that must have startled her, her husband and all the neighbors. This was before anal probes and artificial insemination, so perhaps she ran into a little doubt when she said that she was pregnant, but still a virgin.
It's funny to think about Jesus in such particular terms, as a man among men, which is of course the whole point of Christianity, that God extended a celestial pseudopod down onto the dusty earth of Jerusalem.
So Jesus was also a baby. Did he poop his diapers? Or is that not part of being perfect? Did he ever bite his mother, or kick the cat? Did he have zits at thirteen?
Jesus was a human, but also perfect, isn't that the story? So how much of the human condition is obliterated by perfection?
  • Was he sinless his whole life?
  • Did he ever stub his toe?
  • Did he ever go out on a beautiful summer night and walk through the streets with his buddies, singing a goofy song? Is goofiness compatible with perfection?
  • Farting?
  • How about laughing at farting?