Shit didn't happen today. This is my first entry on this site, so this will be very rudimentary. My life is very tense right now. Finals are this week, and i haven't started anything for about Half of them. I don't why i can't care about school, i want to so bad. Everytime i start, though, i lose intrest. I guess it is the homework and the monotony of doing the same damn thing over and over again. What a waste being gifted, and having no work ethic at all. Russel told me the other day that I was smarter than he, but i am lazy. Thats from our future valedictorian!! shit. I wish my mother had punished me for that first F. I would've worked hard during mid school out of fear, and i would have work ethic by now. Oh hell, oh well as my english teacher would say, and i must live with what i got i guess thats a pretty good first entry for me.