I did this for the first time at a party this weekend, and was pretty surprised by its potency. Only one of us had done it before, and only once, so we were looking around the web (lycaeum, in particular) for dosage and procedure. Since we couldn't really find anything concrete, I'll share what we found with you all here, in hopes that someone might benefit.

We smoked it from a 3 foot bong, but one person at a time, instead of just passing it around, like I usually do with pot. We decided upon a dosage of 4 bowls per person, taken very quickly. One person would be taking the hits, as another person was keeping the bowl packed. You would inhale all you could, and hold it for as long as you could, then immediately take your next hit, not taking any time to breathe between hits.

After you've smoked your 4 bowls, you lay back, and watch the room immediately spin quite a bit (this immediate effect is probably due to oxygen deprivation, from smoking all that and not breathing). It starts to kick in pretty nicely after a few minutes. I was already somewhat drunk when I did this, actually, so I'll need to do it again to really get an opinion of the high. It felt very similar to pot at the time. It made me quite light-headed, and a little paranoid (but most drugs do that to me). I was the first to take it, and by the time my turn to administer came around, my motor skills were completely shot, and my higher reasoning was pretty fuzzy.

The main effects lasted maybe 30 minutes, possibly cut a little short because I went outside into the cold to smoke a cigarette. I had a strong haze on my brain for a good hour or two afterwards, though, which I didn't particularly like. I think mixing it with alcohol was a bad idea, and wouldn't recommend it. After I try it again with nothing else in my system, I'd also like to try it after smoking pot. I've always found wormwood made a good supplement to marijuana, and a salvia high seems like it could be similar to wormwood, but more intense.

It's legal, but be careful, don't take too much, and don't even think about trying to drive on this shit. Oh, and everything I say here is purely for informational porpoises, owning and buying the stuff is probably legal where you live, but using it as I indicate above may not be. So, if you try it, it's your ass. You might die or go insane or something, so if you do, don't sue me, or I'll sodomize your little sister with a shoehorn.