I've noticed this phenomenon in practice at an old job. I have a Dawn figurine which graces my desk with its presence. It just so happens that a co-worker had a plush Homer Simpson doll. As we can all expect, I came to work one morning to find Dawn's face nestled in Homer Simpson's genital vicinity. I would find them in various positions every morning (really my fault for being consistently late, I guess). I recognized the humor the first couple times, but, not only was the joke worn out, but the matchup was greatly improbable. I mean, the plush doll was at least three times the size of the beautiful, petite Dawn. I couldnt even imagine that any of her orifaces could fit his protrusions. They eventually ended up using some Quake figurines in Homer's place, but it was too old by then (although I did compliment Dawn on her increased level of taste).

I'm just really glad that no one has succomed to the temptation of the Duke Nukem 3D Pig Cop figurine on my desk with her now (that removable night stick is just asking for it).