Apparently there are at least two churches of Wintermute. I spent some time looking on the matrix and discovered:
  • The First Church of Wintermute

  • A note found on states:
    "He passed her a paper napkin with W I N T E R M U T E
    printed in red feltpen in his neat, laborious capitals."; 
    Pg. 73: "'Wintermute is the recognition code for an AI. 
    I've got the Turing Registry numbers. Artificial 
    intelligence.'" {This is the first appearance of the term 
    'Wintermute', after which the 'First Church of Wintermute' 
    is named.}
  • The Second Church of Wintermute

  • This page is at, and says:
         "I'm not Wintermute anymore"
              "So what are you?"
              "I'm the matrix."
    "You running the world now? You God?"