Yikes! This was one of those days, I guess.

Just spent over three hours looking for a bug in a MySQL backend I'm writing for the new Per User IP Accounting package. Please forgive me if this is getting too technical... Anyway all of a sudden the darn thing started to crash with SIGSEGV's, and upon closer inspection it turned out that some entries of the hash that I created earlier got overwritten with garbage whenever I did a calloc or a malloc.

My first hint was that the garbage wasn't so random as I thought, it seemed to contain pointers. Hmmm. After what seemed like a hell of a long time - and I can't smoke at work :( - it hit me full in the frontside of the brain: I was freeing pointers that weren't supposed to be free'd. Go figure!

Moral of the story: know what you're doing with your pointers, and go to bed when you're tired! :)

Anyways, it's 4 am in Belgium right now, so I'm going to hit the sack.

Wonder what the rest of the day will bring...

Well, you might've guessed it but I overslept today, so I arrived late at work. This isn't that much of a problem because I'm one of the owners of the place. Talk about irresponsible management and proletarian extortion...

Did manage to get a lot of work done, so I guess all's well that ends well. See you tomorrow, I gotta go: it's food time!