It's monday again. That dreaded day because it means we have another week of working coming up.

Good thing though that I like what I do for a living, and besides, tuesday is a holiday here in Belgium. :)

Curious what today will bring. Which reminds me, I still have to write a mail with a list of pros and cons of Red Hat and Debian. It's supposed to be an objective statement of what I would choose and why. We try to settle on 1 standard Linux distribution here at mind. Of course, my favourite is Debian, but I agree we have to choose the distribution that is best suited to our needs and cuurent/future set of competences. Urgh, I really start to sound like a manager...

I'll keep you posted!
Hah, what a night! Seems that 2 of our fellows didn't send in their mail on RedHat vs Debian in time, so we can't go forward with phase 2 just now.

Did spend most of the evening in pubs - Marktrock was just too crowded - and had a jolly good time. Though I'm a bit afraid of what tomorrow might bring, headaches perhaps? Let's hope not! :) Eitherway, tomorrow is today, now, so I guess I'd better catch some sleep... ;)