Hello there. Didn't go to sleep just yet. Just can't stop noding I guess... ;)

break told in yesterday's logs about backing up his E2 work. I think that's a great idea and so I'm doing it too...

Also rediscovered my old Universal Dictionary of Penguins today! I've created a new node for it. There's an old node by me on the same subject but it's old, lame and I've asked to nuke the node.

That's about it for now. It's sleep time, catch you later!
Well, spend most of the day sleeping. Almost forgot I had an appointment with my sister: had to make a backup of her documents on my brother's computer... Sheesh, windows 95 ... !!! (fill in your favourite expletive)

When I got back in Leuven, I forgot it was Marktrock so no parking space. Not even on the private parking lot of my appartment. Grmbl.

Time for my August 14, 2000 writeup now. Bye!