Whew, what a day! As winmute already mentioned in his writeup, we went to Mechelen - another city of Belgium - for fem with an old friend of mine.

We talked a lot about computers, the Internet, Linux , networking and other Geeky Stuff.

We also talked about Everything2, the old everything and other online communities like the infamous zoomoo - where you start out in a gorilla cage in some zoo, and have to wait for a zoo keeper who you need to convince you're not a gorilla so he will let you out. This all before you can start exploring the surroundings. My friend played it once, and he had to wait 4 whole days before he got out of his cage. IRL days, mind you! :)

Anyway, I told him how much I liked Everything. I created my login on the first everything, wrote a few writeups... Then sort of forgot about it - work and stuff getting in the way - only to rediscover it recently. And I am hooked! :)

I think I convinced him to come over and take a look, and who knows, maybe even participate. So I guess I could say that, despite having been tired and drunk, I did a great job today! ;)