Non Picturesque Picture

"A picture is worth a thousand words", so goes the saying. But I cannot make out those 1000 words, I can see only what is there. But is there really something wrong with me? Or can we all relate to not being able to see what others can? When others said that she was to good for me I believed in what they said. But I asked her what she thought, and she considered it just the opposite. While I see only what is there on the surface, she seems to look deeper, inside of me. Piercing the rough skin on the outside and somehow gazing deeper into my soul than I ever thought possible.

What limits some of us from looking inside of somebody? That keeps us from doing what so many other people seem to be able to do? I only see a void when I try and look into her. She sees something completely different in me then I could ever imagine seeing. She sees somebody who is caring, nice, intelligent. While I see myself as someone who can be an ass, someone who can be deceptive. Somebody who is greedy, and ambitious, but she sees something else that no matter how hard I try. I can never find. Why can't I find this in myself? Or find anything in her that is not actually in her? Why are some of us doomed to the fate? To suffer through not knowing what comes next and what she feels? Until I get blown up at for being to insensitive, to careless. Because I can not do to her what she has been able to do so many times to me.

I wish that I could see the words the picture tries to tell us, yet there are some of us that can not see them. No matter how obvious or easy the message is, I still can not understand