Phantasmagoria 2 is one of the many full motion video computer games released by Sierra during their heyday the mid '90s. The first Phantasmagoria title sparked much controversy when it was released, and as a result was banned in many places. I assume that the same goes for it's sequel as the game is heavy in mature content; bad language, S&M, transvestites, homosexuality and adultery feature amongst many other things, one of the most memorable being a guy getting slit open with a box-cutter and then stapled to the wall with an industrial stapler - in what I'm sure has to be some of the most gory footage ever shot for a computer game. But gore and taboo subjects aside, Phantasmagoria 2 is an excellent game. The atmosphere is superb, it's a distressing, volatile environment full of enigmatic and unlikeable characters. There is a strong feeling of dread throughout the game, enhanced with eerie music and the use of semi-subliminal messages ("EAT THEIR EYES", "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID" etc). Gameplay is linear, but that's to be expected, it's an interactive movie after all. I recommend you play this one alone, with the light off.