Among other things, "VECTOR" is a cereal produced by Kellogg's cereal brand in North America. It is unique in that it comes in an especially large cereal box. Apparently "VECTOR" consolidates the expertise of over 280 nutritionists, engineers, product development and other food specialists from all over the world.

It is also intriguing to note that on the "VECTOR" box there are directions for use:

'Place 55g (330ml,  1 1/4 cup) of VECTOR in a bowl. Add 200ml (3/4 cup) skim milk'

One might ask why they specify skimmed milk. This is because it is a healthy cereal and they encourage it to be consumed in a healthy manner. I personally always recommend full fat milk but then I suppose I'm not a very healthy guy.

Which leads to the second obvious question - if I am not a healthy guy, why would I eat a healthy cereal. The answer is that its surprisingly good. Watch out when you first eat it though. It should be taken slowly as there are these little white bits that seem to get stuck in your teeth. Even an expert "VECTOR" eater will find it difficult to avoid these.

On the plus side the flakes are far better than any other cereal flakes and apparently provide the eater with a large portion of his/her required daily allowance of vitamins.