This is not the end of the world. Let me state that right away.

I'm certain one of the desired effects of this attack was to scare the American people into submission. I've been reading posts in the Penny Arcade forums and other places about how afraid people are of there being a draft.

After this, do you honestly think we'll have to force people into military service? If we go to war, and the DOD or the White House indicate that we're suffering a shortage of man-power in any way, you can rest assured that motherfuckers will be lined up around the block to kick some ass.

Tuesday night, people were going nuts to get gas. Fights broke out, and in some cases guns were pulled. Wednesday morning the government setup a hotline to report price gouging. Why? Because we're an intelligent nation.

I'm not trying to lessen the impact that this attack will have on our country. I'm saying remain calm.

Numerous bomb threats have been called in to several locations. The Pentagon several times, in fact. These threats are most likely either diversionary tactics employed by the terrorists, or pranks perpetrated by senseless mongoloids who can't appreciate what's going on. It's one thing to crash an airplane into the Pentagon, it's another thing to casually sneak a bomb in. And if there were a bomb, it would have been detonated yesterday while the President was there.

Folks, remain calm. Let's show these fuckers our mettle and rise to the occasion. Volunteer anything you can to help. There's been more than enough blood donated, but don't rule it out. But most importantly, trust in your leaders. The President, Congress, the military, and civil authorities need your help and cooperation. This goes beyond party lines and politics. This is personal.

Love your neighbors.