So, last night I'm in #radiohead on DALnet 'cause there wasn't ANYTHING better to do. And we have a quality discussion about cartoon's, which is what normally happens when I enter a channel for the first time because somebody just has to say "Sc0oby Do0by D0o, Where Are You?!" Regardless of the nick antics, I enjoyed the conversation.

This morning, I stumble out of bed and return to #radiohead to see what's going on.

Much to my dismay, the whole goddamn channel is flipping their shit over finding just about all of the new Radiohead album, Amnesiac, on the internet.

Where is your sense of adventure? Where is your growing anticipation of a cd release? Where is your fucking patience?!

I wholly prefer waiting for a cd release, rather than downloading every goddamn track two months before the release. That takes ALL the fun out of the album release.

Of course, the part that really makes me want to crack skulls, is when they bitch about the quality of the recording, and insist that someone should put out a better rip.

I just wanna kill people.