My air conditioner in my car stopped working sometime last fall. I didn't think much of it at the time because it was fall and winter was close at hand.

It's now April, and I live in Texas. I'm getting sunburns from driving with my windows down so I don't melt.

I call my Honda dealership and tell them I need to get my A/C fixed, and ask about my warranty. My car, right now, is over 36,000 miles, so my warranty is gone. My car was actually under 36,000 when the A/C went dead, but that doesn't seem to matter a whole lot to the dealership.

I found out today that the problem is my compressor exploded. It's going to cost about $1200 to replace. So, now I have to commence a long drawn-out sob story with the dealership, and then most likely with Honda of North America, to get them to fix something that shouldn't be breaking on a car this new.

I hate cars.