Well, it is yet another boring Sunday. Whoever said "day of rest" wasn't kiding. It seems the whole town is asleep.

There is the possibility of a hurricane hitting us here in Southern Florida. I didn't even know the storm was a hurricane, untill yesterday, when a good friend of mine called me (he lives 2000 miles away) and asked about it. He informed me that it was/is a catagory 4, which is a big storm! People are frantically running to Publix to buy water, canned goods, and batteries. The public gets so frantic over these storms. Its great to people watch as they push in line, get pissy, and scream and yell at each other.

My boyfriend "Fred" comes home Tuesday afternoon from his vacation. Eventhough we have only been dating about 2 months, I miss him more then I could imagine. It seems everything reminds me of him - a song on the radio, a tee-shirt he would wear, and I am even starting to see him when other people walk by! Love does some strange things to you, things I could never even attempt to understand.

Tuesday I am going to Orlando to go to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. I have 2 extra tickets I won right after I bought my tickets the last time I went. I never ever ever win ANYTHING, but I win tickets. Go figure. They expire at the end of this month, and I don't want them to go to waste. Hopefully, there won't be anything strange happening, like bomb threats or hurricanes!