Today is a good friend of mine's 21st birthday. He lives on the other side of the country from me, and we hardly speak. We went to high school together, and although we may only talk once every few months, or exchange a few emails here and there, we will always be close friends.

I had been trying to get a hold of him for almost 2 months now, and today I finally did. He informed me that his mother passed away on October 10th. I didn't really like his mom, but could tell he was very stressed out (not suprising). I felt helpless. I couldn't hug him, or even put a comforting hand on his sholder. All I could do was offer my friendship, and an open ear. I wished him a happy birthday, and we hung up.

On a lighter note, my boyfriend, "Fred" called me again today to tell me he misses me, eventhough he is having a blast on his trip. He even called yesterday upon ariving, to tell me he was safe. I was beaming the whole afternoon. He makes me feel so alive!

Off to get yet another tattoo, or maybe a piercing.