I hate people. Not all people, but like, 99.9% of them. My boyfriend's ex is harassing him. AGAIN. She says things like she hopes he dies like his worthless father did. She also says things like the worst day of her life was the day she met him. Very hateful words. They don't seem to bother Fred, but they drive me crazy. I feel like she is trying to hurt him, and that makes me want to hurt her. I'm very protective in that aspect. I don't understand what is so difficult about moving on and living your life. Dwelling on something isn't going to make it any different. You can say what if, and maybe if it was different, but.... you know, it wasn't. That's the way things went down. Like it or not. Good, bad or indifferent. Nothing changes it. The only thing that changes is you, and your perspective on life. Life your life, be happy, and never have regrets. That is my rant for today.