A few days ago, I had a dentist apointment; one of the most unpleasent experiences in life. It turned out to not really be that bad. I left with that usual gross-after-dentist taste in my mouth, and started off to my boyfriend's house. From my dentist office, I had to go through the not so nice part of town. In doing so, I passed a cemetary. I slowed down, and stopped at my light. Looking over, I saw a man, maybe mid-sixties, standing over a grave, weeping. I thought to myself, "I wonder who it is he misses so much. His wife? His child? Did they get along in life?" It made me think about all the people in my life I love....My mother, my father, my boyfriend, friends. And I also thought about the ones I have lost, especially my grandmother. I shed a little tear for this man, and drove off.