Got back last night from a weekend long trip of geocaching (for more info visit with my boyfriend Fred. I had SO MUCH FUN! If you like scavenger hunts, you will love geocaching. We saw some really great state parks, saw aligators, lost his wallet, then found his wallet, and so many other things.

I think the best thing about this trip was the bonding experience we had. We are openly saying "I love you" to each other (a BIG step, if you have been following my write ups). The thrill and joy I get from hearing him say those sends tingles through my body. The ultimate high (naturally of course :-)). We talked about everything, from childhood, to fears, to ideas, to just plain being silly.

I think Fred and I compliment each other very well. We are able to work off of each other, like a well oiled comedy team. We often finish each others sentences. He is truly my best friend.