My cousin Rusty is dying. He has been battling lung cancer with kemo for about 6 months now. Last night, Rusty had a massive heart attack. I am assuming he doesn't have much longer to live. He never smoked a day in his life.

My mother's bathroom is also flooded. Her toilet overflowed, and there is 2 inches of water on her bathroom floor, and water all over the general area around the bathroom. This is complete chaos. My mother - the Queen of all Spazstic Mom's, has a flood. You would think, by the way she described it to me on the phone that she was sitting in the middle of her living room, floating on a raft. So of course, being the helpful daughter that I am, I stop on my way to work. Ok so the bathroom was bad. There were maybe 4 drops of water outside the bathroom. I spent a few minutes calming her down, then I left.

Now I am here at work. I hope this day gets better.