I haven't written in a long time. Too busy with the christmas holiday, and now New Years.

Today isn't a good day so far. I woke up in sort of a funky depressed mood. I think I am to hard on myself. In fact, I KNOW I am too hard on myself. I also got into an argument with my boyfriend over something I did to avoid conflict. Wow, worked good huh? Then traffic was bad on the way to work. Now I am at work, and that's never good. The holiday season always seems to get people down.

I need to learn to control my jealousy. Maybe that can be my New Year's Resolution. I feel a bit out of control of it at times, and its not a comfortable feeling. I'm possessive. Even selfish at times when it comes to certain things and people.

Tonight its off to St. Augustine. Hopefully things will start looking up.