Ah, yet another weekend spent geocaching with the boyfriend. This weekend was particularly successful as we have met 2 really great people. There was a geocaching event on Saturday evening in St. Augustine, FL. It was set up for fellow geocachers to come and meet and exchange stories. We thought we were the only ones going to show up. Finally, after about 20 minutes of waiting, I see someone walking around with a GPS. Thinking to myself "Wow I hope I don't sound stupid!", I asked them "Geocachers??" Thankfully they were! This is when we met Paul and Amaratha.

Now, I do have to admit, my boyfriend and I are a...well, a unique couple. We find it hard to find other couples that are on the same plane we are, but we had no idea what we were getting into with Paul and Amaratha. They quickly invited us to their home for some margaritas, and we accepted. On the way there, I asked my boyfriend, Fred, "Are they as off as we are?!?" He said he was thinking the exact same thing.

We had much in common with them right off the bat. Being as into geocaching as we are, we exchanged several stories and laughed together about them. We listened to reggae and blues, smoked some cigars, and got to know each other. Even their dogs liked me! And Paul says the female doesn't like anyone!

They are almost exactly 10 years older then we are. Paul is in the medical field, catering to people who are not able to leave their house. Amaratha works in an actual doctor's office. We discussed everything from cooking, to religion, to animals, to sex. 7 hours, 8 drinks between the two of us later, we left. It was about 2:30am. They invited us back whenever we wanted to come back to St. Augustine and welcomed us to stay at their place. Paul had even said to us, "Mi Casa es su casa".

It was great to meet some people who were as kind, AND as weird as we are. We brought them over a gift basket from the local winery the next day in thanks for all they did. It was a successful weekend, and what looks to be like the beginning of a great friendship.