West Wind / East Wind

Will the wind ever remember
the names it has blown in the past
? (Jimi Hendrix)

... Wanted to discant awhile
praising the air currents
the shape-shifting cumulus rides,
until remembering that
everyone knows the West wind is invisible
and already has methods for
estimating the strength of gusts.
Be it blackberry leaves folding back
on canes beyond the reach of wintering deer,
or whitecaps in the bay
surging against the outgoing tide.

So let's decamp for Claude's Lane
and obtain a table for late-lunch at Gitane
... would like to try their octopus tentacles
dripping cauliflower & tangerine puree,
and maybe share a cheese plate
when our conversation grows involved.
Here, put the colloidal silver back on the shelf --
one-thousandth-micron particles
@ 500 ppm --
the chickadees out back
are briefly announcing mid-day.

Let's decant this 'blasphemy':
Since there are no images of Muhammad,
how do Muslims affix a positive ID
to Charlie Hebdo's cartoon figure,
who seems in white turban
a nebulous Muslim doughboy
carried far westward
on the East wind's drifting sand?
... Shared a walk-up once
with a Dutchman and a Muhammad from Iran --
helped him align the prayer rug SE.