Fuck are an Indie band originally formed in Oakland, California, but now living in San Francisco (though their singer lives in New York City). Their first release was the single, "Monkey Beauty Shotgun", which was followed by a string of compilations and other singles, until their first album, "Pretty...Slow", released in 1996. Their second album was released the same year under the name "Baby Loves a Funny Bunny". Their best album, in my opinion and others', was the third, "Pardon My French", released in 1997. "Conduct" their fourth album was released in 1998, and this year, 2001, they released "Cupid's Cactus". Despite their name, Fuck are very mellow rather than punky. Also in contrast to their name, they are not a joke band or a piss-about band, but write serious and jokey good songs about stuff. If anything, check out Pardon My French, which has a hand-drawn cover of the word "fuck" in big pink letters on rolling green meadows surrounded by lots of different things. These include a happy tiger on a tricycle, an unhappy gingerbread man, a walking saw, a mouse having sex with a turtle, a unicorn, a dish running away with a spoon, a happy crucified monkey, actually far too many things to list. Brilliant album.