The irrationalist point of view, especially that of Nietzsche, claims that life has no untimate goal or higher purpose. Life is an abyss of chaos, one must look into the abyss and find the meaning of one's own existence. It is a very personal experience.

"When one looks into the abyss, the abyss looks into you."

Essentialy one must give up the easy answers offered by religions and realize that there is no structure to life, it is entropy. One then can one be free enough to determine their own purpose. Most people can not do this, the few who can are said to have the will to power. The rest adopt a slave morality, that is they try to fit themselves in to the molds carved out by those with the will to power.

A popular saying by theists is, " 'God is dead.' -Nietzsche ; 'Nietzsche is dead.' - God." This is simply poor logic.